A Whelen universal LED flasher model# ULF44 shall be provided. The solid-state LED or Super-LED® flasher shall incorporate four outlet, four channel LED flasher with 62 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including low power.

Part Number     : ULF44
For                      : Fits all motorcycles
Price                   : Rp. 1.700.000,-
Detail                 :

The ULF44 flash patterns allow for alternating, simultaneous, and synchronized flashing lights. The SingleFlash patterns 60, 90, and 120 shall be California Title XIII compliant. The ULF44 PC board with spade terminals shall be epoxy encapsulated to protect against water, moisture, dust, and other environmental conditions. The ULF44 shall be vibration resistant. Each channel on the ULF44 shall drive up to five Amps. The ULF44 is short circuit protected and reverse polarity protected. The ULF44 input controls shall include Scan-lock and synchronization.

  • RSR03ZCR Flaser
  • Voltage: +12v Amp
  • Draw: 5.0 Amps per channel
  • Size: H=1.625”, W=2.0, D=2.75”
  • Four outlet, four channel LED flasher.
  • Operating voltage range: 10-16 VDC
  • 62 Scan-Lock flash patterns including alternating, simultaneous and synchronized warning lights
  • Short circuit and thermally protected.
  • Encapsulated design for water resistance and rugged performance.