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Some Words About Baik’ers Garas

Baik’ers Garas is a group of bikers who run a big bike garage and provides good service (Baik’ers). We have mission to change negative stereotyping of bikers specially who ride big bikes. Most of bikers are “baik” people or “Baik’ers” that believe they are part of community and shall spread kindness to others.

We know well how to treat and maintain big bikes and people. Baik’ers Garas is a place where you can release the passion of riding and find the friendship with other bikers. You can repair and custom your big bike at Baik’ers Garas.If you want another bike, we provide at our showroom.

  • Professionals and Certified Mechanics
  • Manufacturer Standart Tools
  • Reputable Builder
  • Happy ride

We will be your motorcycle buddy.

Our Garage, Our Rules! There’s No Rules For Ride!